RoopdhyanShree Krishna eternally resides in our heart, but even then we don’t receive any benefit.  Why is this?  In exactly the same way that a cow who herself doesn’t appear to be substantially able-bodied, even though she is carrying a lot of milk inside her body.  However, if the same milk that was extracted from the cow’s body was fed to her, she would become plump and healthy.  Unless her own milk is given to her, the cow cannot gain weight, even though it comes from her own body.

Similarly, even though Shyam Sundar is seated in our heart and mind, but unless and until we activate and enliven His Divine presence with the power of our love, we cannot be liberated from maya, nor can we be entitled to experience His Divine bliss.

  1. During Roopdhyan, absorb your mind in the loving remembrance of the leelas of God or Guru or both according to the desire of your mind, and evolve feelings of longing for Their association.
  2. While lovingly remembering the form of God and Guru, evolve feelings that They are alive and personified.  You can use a picture or Deity as an aid while meditating. However, bring Them out of the Deity or the picture and add feelings of the closeness to Their actual true form.
  3. The feeling of Their closeness for whatever length of time and to whatever degree is true sadhana (devotion).
  4. Shed thousands and thousands of tears, but do not think of any of the tears as real until Shyam Sundar Himself comes and wipes them with His own peetambar.
  5. Always maintain knowledge and awareness of Their causelessly merciful and compassionate nature. Always remain selfless.

In this way, while doing devotion, we must strive to deepen and increase longing to such an extent that even a moment of separation would seem like an age.  This would be the pinnacle of devotional practice.  At this stage, you will receive the supreme Divine bliss with the Grace of God and Guru.

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