Roopdhyan: A Practical Meditation of God

Roopdhyan- Practical Meditation Of God

Roopdhyan as led by Shree Maharaj Ji –

Leave this material body and assume a Divine body, a Divine body just like that of Shree Krishna. Leave this material body here and come to Divine Golok Dham with a Divine body. Now, you have reached Golok Dham. The sun, moon, air, earth, mountain, everything is a form of Shree Krishna. In other words, everything is Divine. Everything in Golok has a luster. In that Golok Dham, go to the bank of river Yamuna.

Yamuna is gently flowing. Even the grounds are a form of Shyam Sundar. The edges of the grounds are adorned with flowering trees and creepers. Bumble bees are hovering over the flowers. The bank of river Yamuna is studded with exquisite, Divine jewels.

We have reached Golok Dham, but Shyam Sundar isn’t there. Perhaps He is out playing somewhere. Think that He must be coming from any direction. Look in all four directions. He will come before us on the basis of our longing. The deeper the intensity of our yearning, the sooner we will receive His vision. Oh look! He has finally come. Just look at His heart-enticing gait, which is so intoxicating. Every pore of His body is filled with unlimited Bliss, sweetness and beauty. His beautiful, curly tresses are swaying in the gentle breeze.

Now, look! He has started playing on His flute to please you. Now, He is standing and looking at you. Why is He looking at you? Because you have been restless for His vision, you cannot hold yourself back any more. You run up the stairs and embrace His lotus feet. His lotus feet are soft and delicate like a lotus flower, and they’re emanating deep, Divine fragrance.

Placing your head at His lotus feet and touching them to your heart, while rolling on that Divine ground, say to Shyam Sundar, “Days have passed without meeting You.”

Look! Look! Shyam Sundar has stopped playing on His flute. Tears are flowing from His eyes as He says, “My soul has finally come to Me.” He lifts you with His hands and brings you close to His chest. After receiving His touch, you again fall to the ground. Now, Shyam Sundar has sat down. He lifts you into His lap, and while stroking your head with His lotus hands, He is saying, “I have been waiting for you since eternity. Why did you not come to Me before? I have been waiting for you. Oh, I know! It was My fault that I didn’t Grace you.”

Now, we should also serve Shyam Sundar. How should we serve Him? Shyam Sundar loves the chanting of His Divine name the most. We should sing His Divine names with tears of love and longing. This is our true service to Him.

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