A king once went to a Saint in a jungle and the king proclaimed, “Maharaj, I have renounced everything.” The king appeared before the Saint in the same kingly attire that he had been wearing. His Guruji (the Saint) said, “Go and give up everything.” The king realized, “Oh! I went to my Guru wearing my royal clothes, crown etc. It was my foolishness.” The king took off his crown and clothes and wore something around his lower body and came to the Saint again. Guruji looked at him, “Hmm! You still haven’t given up everything. Go and give up everything.”

The king thought, “What more should I do now? Should I go naked in front of my Guru? Oh! I know. Babas always wear a langoti (a piece of loin cloth tied around the lower body); that’s it, and I am wearing an expensive sari.” This time the king wore a langoti. Guru said, “You keep coming back to me. I am telling you again, give up everything.”

The king thought, “I can’t imagine what more I need to renounce. It appears as though Guruji doesn’t wish to accept me, which is why he is talking like this, so I am going to leave my body.” He went to the bank of a river and began crying. His Guruji came there and called, “Hey king.” “He didn’t answer. Guru said, “O! renunciate.” There was still no reply. (In the end) Guruji embraced him (as a sign of acceptance) and said, “Now you have become a true renunciate.”

A true renunciate is one who has renounced everything and still doesn’t have the pride of renouncing everything.

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