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Hare krsna adiyen from malaysia…………………………..

Question Detail: swami i would like to know about yoga vasistha............ swami my second question is tht true lord shiva cut lord brahma head i read in linga purana is sated tht lord brahma had 5 head due to arrogance lord shiva cut lord brahma head in the kala bhairava from.....hare krsna..................
Answer: The Yog Vashishth is a conversation between Bhagwan Ram and His Guru, the Sage Vashishth. Ram is asking questions, and Vashishth is answering. Regarding the story involving God Shiv and Lord Brahma, there are many such leelas (Divine happenings) that take place between the various forms of God. If they are recounted in our scriptures, then I have faith that they have happened in that way. However, those leelas are not for intellectual speculation or analysis. They should be taken as Divine events that have their own Divine reasons behind them. We can only understand those reasons when we get to that level - in other words, when we attain God.
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