How many different types of knowledge (gyan) are there?

Preacher Questions and AnswersHow many different types of knowledge (gyan) are there?
Avatar of Madhu SharmaMadhu Sharma asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Avatar of JVJV Staff answered 4 years ago

There are mainly two kinds of gyan (knowledge): theoretical and experiential. Experiential knowledge is also of two types: atmagyan (knowledge of the soul) and brahm gyan (knowledge of God). Brahm gyan is the knowledge of God which is only received by surrendering to God, not through any practice. Atm gyan can be attained by following the path of gyan, butbrahm gyan can only be attained through bhakti. When you surrender to God throughbhakti and He Graces you, then you receive His Divine knowledge. That knowledge is unlimited. In other words, when you know God, you know everything.


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