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Guru Of Gokul

The Poem is for Shree Maharaj Ji and written by Para Vasudeva, 7, New Jersey.

Guru Of Gokul - Poem On Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Guru Of Gokul – Poem On Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj


Poem: Thinking Of Him

In this beautiful poem, Radha Rani is thinking of her beloved Krishn, waiting for a chance to see His charming gait, hear His melodious flute and just get a single glimpse of Him. The poem is aptly illustrated by another devotee kid – a wonderful example of how children (at Radha Madhav Youth Camps) learn to coordinate and work with each other’s thoughts.

The poem has been  written by Aarti Sharma, 12 yrs, Texas  and has been beautifully presented by Abitha, 14 yrs, Texas.

Radha Thinking Of Krishn

Her beautiful face twinkles with tears,
As Her mind fumbles with fears,
If He never comes, she thinks
My heart with just sink. I will miss Him with all my heart and soul,
So He may come back with his charming stroll,
Suddenly She hears Her beloved’s flute,
And Her speech becomes mute. She realizes what this must mean,
As She looks in His eyes that gleam,
When She runs to His side,
She felt as if She had never cried.

Poem: Shyam’s Flute

A beautiful leela when gopis once hid Shyamsundar’s flute (Sarala) and crying he went complaining to his mother.

The poem has been contributed by Shruti Vasudeva, 10yrs, New Jersey and illustrated by Tulsi, 12 yrs, New York.

Shyam's Flute

Poem: Krishna Wipes a Tear

This poem has been written by Shruti Vasudeva, 10 yrs, New Jersey  and illustrated so perfectly by Khushi, 14 yrs.

Krishn Wipes A Tear - Poem

Poem: Just Swell

Highlighting the importance and glory of Vrindavan, this simple yet beautiful poem depicts the child’s devotional feelings so beautifully.

The poem has been  written by Shruti Vasudeva, 10 yrs, New Jersey  and has been beautifully presented by Diksha G, 16 yrs, Texas.

Just Swell - Poem On Jagadguru Shree Kripalu ji Maharaj


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