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How To Draw A Beautiful Krishn

Steps To Follow: 

1) Draw an 11 by 11 grid on a piece of paper and a similar one of the drawing below
2) Number the boxes for convenience.
3) Focus on each box and draw just what is inside it. This way your drawing will come out accurate.
4) For colouring, start with the darker shades on krishn ji’s face, like around the nose, cheeks and lips.
5) Then gradually move on to lighter shades. Do not leave any part plain white, use light blue instead.
6) Try to keep the colouring storked\s in the same direction.
7) To emphasize the eyes, use sharpie or anyblack marker for the eyelashes.

Steps To Drawing A Beautiful Krishn

Final Krishn Picture:

Beautiful Krishn

How To Draw An Aristically Combined Picture Of Radha Krishn

  1. Follow the drawing in sketch.
  2. Start with the outline first and then go in to fill in the details as in the picture.
  3. Finally, color your picture as shown. Don’t worry, It usually takes a few attempts to get it perfect!

This illustration and its steps have been contributed by Abitha, 14 yrs, Texas.

Radha Krishn Combined - Black & White


Radha Krishn Combined - In Color


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