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There are several hundred audio recordings of speeches and explanations of the chantings revealed by Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj (Shree Maharaj Ji) in Hindi, as well as devotional kirtan by Shree Maharaj Ji and the Sanyasi teachers. We are offering a selection of Discourses in Hindi by Shree Maharaj Ji, Devotional Chantings by Shree Maharaj Ji and other Devotional Chantings.

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  • CD CH1-25
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    Mohin Swamini Ab Apnaiye

    Parikari Devi & Suswari Devi

    Dainya Madhuri pad Kirtans

    1 Audio CD/ 5 Chants
    Listen to a few fragmented Chants from the CD:

    Ab Apnaiye Mohi Swamini
    ouhu Din Kaab Aihain
    Shree Radhey Ju Ko Nam Hamaro Dhan
  • CD CH1-24
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Jayati Guruvar

    Parikari Devi & Suswari Devi

    1 Audio Cd/ 4 Chants
    Listen to a few chants from the CD:

    Jayati Guruvar
    Bali Hari Hai Tihari Guru
    Guru Kripalu Mam Sharanam
  • CH1-36
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Jhoomat Avat Shyam

    Braj Banchary Didi

    1 Audio Cd/ 5 Chants
    Listen to a few chants from the CD:

    Jhoomat Avat Shyam Dekhu Sakhi
    Priyayam Nandkishor Hamaro
    Piya Mol Amolak
  • CH1-34
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Shree Radhey Rani Prem Tattva Ki Sar

    Sushree Diwakari Devi

    1 Audio CD/ 3 Chants

    Prem Tattva Ki Sar
    Radhe Radhe Shree Radhe
    Radhey Govinda Radhey
  • CD_K1189_SumiranKarleMana_1
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Sumiran Kar Le Mana Chin Chin Radha Ramana

    Sushree Parikari Devi

    Sumiran Kar Le Mana is a great bhajan that contains the essence of Hindu philosophy as taught and beautifully expressed by Shree Maharaj Ji.  A must have CD for all…

    1 Audio CD/ 1 Chant /30 mins

    Sumiran Kar Le Mana, Chin Chin Radha Ramana
  • Sankirtan-Sudha
    Price: $30.00 Add to cart

    Sankirtan Sudha MP3

    Various Singers/Chanters

    Sankirtan Sudha is a compilation of 46 most popular chants that explain beautiful leela descriptions of Radha Krishn.  A  ‘must have’ CD for all times.

    2 MP3 CD’s/ 46 Chants

    Listen to a few sample chants from the CD:-

    Bhajo Giridhar

  • Raseele Shyam_540x768
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Raseele Shyam

    Anup Jalota

    Sung Live by Anup Jalota in a Concert at Radha Madhav Dham

    1 Audio CD/7 Chants

    Listen to a few sample chants from the CD:-

    Hamaro, Rasik Rangeelo Shyam
    Gaho Re Man! Shyam Charan Sharanayi
    Mathura, Na Jao Pranadhar
  • Radha Madhav Geet_540x768
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Radha Madhav Geet

    Anup Jalota

    Uplifting chants, describing the leelas of Mother Yashoda and Nandlala and some describing the beauty of Radha Rani…

    1 Audio CD/ 6 Chants

    Listen to a few sample chants from the CD:-

    Saras Kishori, Vayas Ki Thori, Rati Ras Bori
    Rangeeli Radha Rasikan Pran
  • MCH-1-5_540x768
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Kabahun Sakhi Hamhun Dekhihaun Shyam

    Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj

    These two soulful chants by Shree Maharaj Ji describe the longing of Gopis for Shree Krishn when He leaves Braj after spending His childhood days playing with the Gopis…

    1 Audio CD/ 2 chants/60 minutes

    Kabahun Sakhi Hamhun Dekhihaun Shyam
    Aho Hari Ohu Din Kab Ayihain
  • chintaya
    Price: $6.00 Add to cart

    Chintaya Chitt Chiram Hari Charanam

    Shakuntala Devi

    A beautiful chant great for roop dhyan sung by Shakuntala Devi.

    1 Audio CD/1 Chant/ 29 minutes

    Chintaya Chitt Chiram Hari Charanam

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