Practical Form Of Devotion

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The desire of your inner self is to be absolutely happy forever, which is only possible after God realization because God Himself is Divine Bliss, Whose supreme blissful and loving form is Radha Krishna.  Thus, the attainment of Radha Krishna is the ultimate goal of your life and Their attainment is possible with the Grace of a rasik Saint when the heart of a dedicated devotee is completely purified through proper devotion.

You should know that true devotion starts only after surrendering to a true Saint.  Devotion (bhakti) is not only observing the worshipping formalities as normally people do, it is the humble dedication of your heart when it yearns to receive the vision and love of your only beloved Radha Krishna.  Thus, to develop such feelings of love in your heart, follow these devotional guidelines-

Relationship: Constantly remember that Radha Krishna are truly yours.  They are the eternal beloved of your soul, whereas all the worldly relations are only physical and futile.

HumblenessA devotee should be humble, tolerant, forgiving and of helping nature.  Instead of finding fault in others, you should humbly look into your own faults and try to overcome your weaknesses.

Devotion (Sadhana): Have full faith in Radha Krishna and your Divine Master.  With such a faith, you should remember the ‘name’ of Radha Krishna (with Roopdhyan) all the time in your heart and, at the same time, try to feel the Divine presence of Radha Krishna near you.  Apart from that, every day you should do regular devotion, in which, while meditatively remembering Them, listen or chant the name, virtues and the leelas of Radha Krishna.

Precautions: Spiritual transgressions, adverse thinking and wrong associations spoil the effects of devotion, and block the devotional receptivity of your heart and reading or listening to impersonalistic views ruin the feeling of humbleness and sprout subtle vanity in the mind of a devotee.  Thus, they should be avoided.

Remember! Only Radha Krishna are yours. Love Them, serve Them and live for Them, and They will make you Their own forever.

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