Performing Duty With Attachment In World – Cause Of Many Troubles

Performing Duty With Attachment In World

In the previous article, “Common Doubt Regarding Karm Yog”, we saw the problems inherent in merely performing duty out of attachment.  Our motivation to perform the duty will fluctuate along with our feelings of attachment.  This does not give us a stable and even-minded base from which to perform our duties.

Attachment In The World Is The Root Cause Of All Our Mental Afflictions

There are additional problems created by harboring worldly attachment (chapter 2, verses 62, 63). The Gita tells us that worldly attachment is created by repeatedly dwelling upon a person or thing as a source of happiness, and from that attachment, desire for that thing is born in the mind. That desire, if fulfilled, leads to greed for more (because a fulfilled desire does not end, it multiplies), and if unfulfilled, leads to anger. Anger causes us to lose our sense of discrimination, thus leading us to do many wrong things. This can lead to the total downfall of a soul.

Therefore, attachment is in fact the father of all the mental defilements we harbor. Attachment leads to desire, greed and anger, which give rise to all the other mental ailments like jealousy, hatred, dishonesty, arrogance, etc. If you wish to reduce these ailments of the mind, instead of trying to cure them one by one, you only need to reduce your worldly attachments, and they will all reduce in equal proportion. When your attachments are eliminated, all of these mental defilements will have automatically been eliminated, and replaced with all the good qualities of the mind (as described in the previous article). Now we have a better understanding of why Shree Krishna emphasizes on reducing attachments in the world by transferring those attachments to God.

Now, let us see if we perform duty better when our mind is free from worldly attachment and is fixed on God in our future post “Performing Duty With Mind In God – Desirable”.

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