Path To Infinite Divine Bliss: 6 Steps To Follow

Today, November 15th, 2014 is the Jagadguruttam Mahaprayan Divas. We, at RMD, commemorated the Divine Ascension Day of our beloved Shree Maharaj Ji amidst chantings of Radhey name. Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj, our divine father, our spiritual guide gave us His all and taught us bhakti  – the easiest, surest path to God realization.

Remembering Shree Maharaj Ji and His teachings, here are the simple steps to ‘The Path To The Divine Bliss’ – Path To Divine Bliss The infinite Divine Bliss desired by every individual can be attained only through the Grace of Shree Krishna. The Grace of Shree Krishna is attained only through complete surrender to Him. Thus,

  1. The first step is to attain spiritual knowledge from a theoretically and practically realized Saint.
  2. Thereafter, one has to purify the mind by cultivating the spiritual disciplines revealed by the Guru. It is only after purification of the heart that one can attain Divine Bliss with the Grace of the Guru.
  3. For the purification of heart, the only devotional discipline is the selfless nine-fold devotion to Shree Krishna. By chanting any of His names, virtues and leelas along with the loving remembrance of His form and Divine abode, one has to foster and nurture an ever increasing longing for His Divine darshan (vision).
  4. Renouncing the desire for five kinds of liberation – sarshti, samipya, salokya, saroopya and sayujya – an aspiring devotee has to practice uninterrupted devotion to Shree Krishna with the desire for selfless servitude solely to please Him.
  5. It is the mind that has to surrender and practice devotion (by listening to His Divine glories, chanting Divine names, etc). Therefore, the mind should always be engaged in the remembrance of Shree Krishna along with faithful remembrance of His names, form, attributes, leelas, abode and Saints.
  6. With the body, one should perform the required actions necessary for the fulfillment of the needs of the body. The attachment of the mind to God and the body to work is karmyog of the Gita; this is also the gyanyog of the Vedant.

Devotion to God will inspire the Divine Grace of God, His Divine love will be received, the heart will become purified, and God will take you in His lap for all eternity by bestowing His personal guidance and protection.

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