Panchamrit: 5 Nectar Filled Teachings

Panchamrit-5 Nectar Filled Teachings

Supreme Divine beloved Shree Krishna is yours. Do not think that He is far from you. He is waiting for you with open arms and He becomes very happy to see you crying in His separation. This is not any imagination. I am telling you that it is absolutely true. Although Shree Krishna notes each and every one of your thoughts, He likes your tears of love the most.
He has a uniquely peculiar and fascinating Divine nature. He keeps watching you quietly. When Shyam Sundar sees that, although you believe He is yours, you still become careless and get swayed by the attractions of material objects, so He feels pain. Once you give your mind to Shyam Sundar, you should not invite the world into your heart by engaging your mind in illusive worldly attractions. This kind of situation is very painful for Shyam Sundar.
One should not worry unnecessarily about the future and one should not feel happy or unhappy in worldly gain or loss.
Your spare time should be very diligently used in remembering God. Having spare time is the most dangerous thing, which is why one should be very careful. One must always remember that Shyam Sundar is watching everything all the time. While remembering Shree Krishna, one should especially meditate on His Divine nature and His Divine body, and remember that one of the Divine virtues of Shree Krishna is that He is causelessly merciful. If you commit a mistake, you should sincerely feel it and be more careful in the future.
Shree Radha Krishna and Guru are eternally yours.

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