One Thing That Prevents Our Spiritual Progress

ProcrastinateEvery moment, think and realize that you may or may not live to see the next waking moment; thus, do not procrastinate in devotion.

In the world, very few fortunate souls are devotionally inclined. Even out of those, only a handful of souls are privileged enough to meet a God realized personality and, even out of those, hardly a few lucky souls acquire true Divine knowledge. Nevertheless, there is one fault that prevents one from making spiritual progress: it is called Procrastination.

On the other hand, we don’t hold off worldly matters. In the world, we waste no time showing our love to anyone, disliking anyone, feeling hostile toward anyone, but we certainly do not hesitate in delaying the practice of sadhana. The Vedas declare, “Do not wait for tomorrow to come because no one knows if, at all, it will come or not.” Thus, do not procrastinate; do (sadhana) without even a moment’s delay.

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