Mastery Over Sanskrit

Shri Maharaj Ji was very playful from his young days. Although he went to school, he never really studied. He went to school and attended the classes but nobody ever saw him studying after the school was over. Despite that, he scored maximum, much to the amazement of both the teachers and his classmates.

Once, in an examination, there was a question that asked the students to convert a line of Hindi into Sanskrit. Shri Maharaj Ji wrote three translations in half the time it took others to do so. The first one was in simple Sanskrit. The second was in Sahitya or, classical sanskrit – this was quite difficult to comprehend. And the last one he wrote was in poetry form. Then, he wrote a note in the end for the marker saying, “Please mark this according to your level of comprehension.”

Needless to say that Shri Maharaj Ji got 100% for that exam!

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