Manifesting Knowledge

Once Shree Maharaj Ji went to Pratapgarh and stayed at the residence of Mahabani Ji.  At Mahabani Ji’s residence, the kirtan would continue till late and even all night. Mahabani Ji loved Shree Maharaj Ji as his child. He would decorate Maharaj Ji with many colorful, fragrant flowers. He would also spread flower petals on the ground for Shree Maharaj Ji so that his lotus feet would experience their soft, comfortable touch.

In Pratapgarh, the Sankirtan would continue all night. The nectar freely distributed by Shree Maharaj Ji cannot be described in words. After the Sankirtan, Shree Maharaj Ji used to go to his room, locking the door behind Him. At times, Mahabani Ji and his family could hear faint voices coming from inside the room. It seemed as if there were people in the room who were talking with Shree Maharaj Ji, sometimes in Sanskrit, sometimes in Hindi and sometimes in an unrecognizable language. This continued for many days.

One Sunday afternoon, as Shree Maharaj Ji was resting inside his room, the voices were again heard coming from inside. When he came out, Mahabani Ji asked, “Please tell me who comes into your room at night and holds conversations with you?” Initially, Shree Maharaj Ji didn’t answer and quickly changed the topic. But, when Mahabani Ji became insistent and continued asking, then Shree Maharaj Ji said very quietly, “Mahabani! The Vedas and Shastras are after me to reveal them in their true form in the world. Now it seems the time has come to do this.” The year was 1954 and Shree Maharaj Ji was just 32 years of age.

In this way, one could say that the journey to become Jagadguru started here. The very next year, Shree Maharaj Ji arranged Chitrakoot Sammelan, a spiritual conference in the city of  Chitrakoot. Here began his revelation of knowledge.  

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