Maintaining Devotional Bhao

Devotees Doing Sadhana With BhaoBhaoIn the beginning, when a devotee comes into contact with a Saint, it is observed that sattvic bhao that appear as tears, etc, manifest profusely.  It is also observed that his mind becomes deeply engrossed in the remembrance of the form of God.  However, it is seen in certain devotees that, when the intensity of these bhao subside, it is solely because he made no efforts to embellish his bhao by endeavoring to secure further devotion and, upon practicing devotion for some time, simply made peace with the insignificant earnings on his spiritual path. Nevertheless, even now, if such a devotee realizes his deficiency and continues to faithfully do remembrance, not only will he achieve his prior state of bhao, but also make further progress.

The main thing in a devotee’s life is atmosphere.  It is only after sincere and faithful effort that a devotee makes any progress, but then he becomes neglectful and heedless.  This results in a distinct gap and consequently, the devotee does not advance in his devotional life.  He most definitely stays alive, but fails to secure enough strength to make spiritual strides.  Just as if water is poured over a seed and kept in a closed vessel and more water is poured on it when it starts drying out.  So, in this way, the seed doesn’t dry out, but it doesn’t grow either.  Thus, it is utterly important that devotional efforts must be continuous and unbroken.

Obstacles surely come when practicing devotion while living in the world.  However, if a devotee practices continuous devotion in solitude for a few days, then he will rapidly start progressing.

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