Kusang – Bad Association

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The time that we spend without the association of the mind with the Divine names, form, leelas, virtues, abode, and the Saints of God, is the time spent doing kusang. It is impossible for our mind to remain inactive for even a single moment, therefore it will be either in God or, in the world. The categories of kusang are many. Often times a devotee is unable to discriminate that he is doing kusang. It is crucial to have an understanding of what these are so that a devotee can be cautious and protect himself from it.

Lokranjan The act of making an impression on the minds of others
During the devotional stage when a devotee has even the slightest elevated experience of God’s Grace or experiences tears, then he puts on a show of an evolved devotee by raising a din, by passionately tossing himself around. Kusang then invades the devotional space. He should always be cautious in maintaining the understanding in his heart and mind that his devotional experiences are a result of his Guru’s Grace only, they are not his own doing.
Vatavaran ka prabhavInfluence of atmosphere
It happens many times during the course of a day that the state of our mind keeps changing depending on the kind of atmosphere we are exposed to. At one moment your mental state was such that you thought, “I should do devotion.” Just then you received a greater degree of rajas or tamas atmosphere, the state of our mind changed and as a result, it deviated from devotion due to the association with these qualities.
Chintan Contemplation
Firstly to read, secondly to listen, thirdly to perceive, fourthly to think over and so on, about any other irrelevant subjects unrelated to devotion is also kusang. However, out of these the most dangerous is contemplation because kusang in the form of reading, listening and even observation all lead to contemplation.
Shastron Ko Padhna – To study scriptures
To study many different kinds of scriptures, including the Vedas, Puranas and various other religious books, is kusang. The actual depth and meaning of the Divine knowledge within the scriptures is known to God realized Saints only.
Vad vivad Debate and discussion
In addition, to have a debate and discussion with an unfaithful and an unqualified person about your path and devotion, etc is also kusang. Thus, argument and controversy should never be listened to nor should it be done.
Mithyabhiman False Pride
Upon seeing an atheist, a devotee should never exhibit false pride because sometimes extremely great atheists rise so high that they even surpass the devotion of highly evolved devotees. Thus, keep the understanding that every soul in an obscure and apparent form is a recipient of God’s Grace.
Anya Kisi Marg Vishayak Updesh Teachings associated with any other spiritual path
Aside from the spiritual path taught by your Guru, listening to, reading, etc, any other teachings or instructions related to any other path is also kusang, even if that path is defined by a true Saint.
NamparadhSpiritual transgression
To disrespect a Saint or a devotee is extreme kusang also. All the names, all the virtues, all the leelas, all the abodes and all the Saints are mutually one. Discriminating one against the other is considered the greatest kusang. Thus, this is known as namparadh (spiritual transgression).

There are three kinds of spiritual transgressions – the first kind is toward God; the second kind is toward the name, form, leelas, virtues and abode, and the third is toward the Saints of God. Also read, How To Protect Ourselves Against Kusang. 

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