Kripa-Grace Of God

The Grace Of GodThis word kripa (Grace), we read, hear and also speak, but very few people understand the true meaning of the word kripa and who actually does kripa. The general meaning is that which is not for one’s own self.  Of all the souls under the influence of maya -celestial gods, human beings, animals, birds, insects, moths-there must be mayateet souls (beyond maya) and aside from them the remaining mayadheen souls (those who are under the influence of maya). Mayadheen souls are miserable, dissatisfied, imperfect and therefore, for the sake of achieving perfection, for attaining liberation from the limitations of maya, etc, every minute they think and they do.

Absolutely no one can think for the welfare of any other person even in their dream. How can we possibly desire the happiness of another person when we ourselves have not received it? We flatter our father, mother, son, wife, and tell lies. None of this is a sin or a transgression, it is our nature; it is inherent within every soul. We are a fraction of the all-Blissful God and for this reason we will always desire Bliss.

We cannot eliminate this desire and thus, for this reason it is not a sin that we are selfish. We are helpless. In essence, we cannot grace anyone and no one can bestow their grace on us either. Make a note of both these phrases. They will come in handy until God realization, plus no one will be able to deceive or mislead you. Both situations are virtually impossible.

God Realized Saint

Who bestows kripa? One for whom nothing more remains to be attained. There is a limit to whatever we keep doing and that is God realization, the attainment of perfect Divine love. Once that stage is reached then all of our actions cease. The reason being, that with every action is attached a ‘why’. Why should we do any kind of work? We opened our eyes. Why? We closed our eyes. Why? We sat down. Why? We stood up. Why? There is a ‘why’ attached everywhere.

Any kind of action is not possible without a reason. Nobody is anyone’s well-wisher. Everyone is a well-wisher of their own self only. Thus, absolutely no soul under the influence of maya can ever do a favor or grace anyone else. Memorize this truth. Kripa can be bestowed by one who has attained Divine Love. This is the conclusion.

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