Baby Krishna

There are countless brahmands.  God’s Divine descension is ever taking place, in one moment in one brahmand and in a different brahmand in the next moment.  In every dwapar yug, what is known as Yugavatar, also known as Krishnavatar, takes place.  God Himself appears in one day of Brahma.  One cycle of four yugas equals four million, thirty-two thousand years.  Seventy-one cycles of the four yugas equal one manvantar.  14 manvantars equal one day of Brahma; same is the length of Brahma’s night, known as a kalp.  In this timeframe – in other words, in four billion, three-hundred-twenty million years – God Himself descends.

The most recent descension, five thousand years ago, was not Yugavatar, but God appeared in His actual true Divine glory as Shree Krishna.  Kunti remarked that the descension of God was to make the paramhans ‘Shree paramhans‘.

 God appeared before Devaki in a youthful, sixteen-year-old form, with four arms holding conch, disc, mace and a lotus.  When God appeared with four arms, Vasudev offered prayer and homage and said, “I had asked for You as my child, but You have appeared as our father.  We had asked for a boon to have a son like You.”  God replied, “I am the only one like Myself, there is no one else. I Myself will become your son. I have appeared as God so you won’t have doubts. If I would have appeared as a child, you would have wondered, ‘I am not sure who He is’.”

Right in front of Vasudev’s and Devaki’s eyes, (the four-armed) God became a smiling, young child.  After assuming the form of a small baby, God inspired the heart and mind of Vasudev – “Get Me out of here.  As Vasudev started to leave (with Shree Krishna), all the locks and doors opened automatically and all the guards fell asleep.  At the time of Shree Krishna’s appearance, the wife of Nand, Yashoda, also had given birth to Yogmaya in the form of a baby girl.  As Vasudev was taking baby Krishna, river Yamuna also gave way and Vasudev crossed Yamuna on foot.  It was raining very heavily and, in order to protect baby Krishna from the rain, the serpent Sheshnag appeared and served as an umbrella.

When Vasudev reached the palace of Nand, everyone there was also sleeping; all doors automatically opened and with His Yogmaya power, Shree Krishna put Yashoda in a trance.  Vasudev placed baby Krishna next to Yashoda and left with Yogmaya in the form of a baby girl.  As soon as Vasudev returned to the jail, all the doors began to close.  Upon reaching the jail, Yogmaya started crying.  Hearing the cry of a child, the guards dashed over to Kans to report the birth of (Devaki’s) eighth child.  Kans immediately rushed over with a sword, grabbed hold of the baby girl in the form of Yogmaya by her legs, spun her and violently threw her down against a rock.

As soon as Kans threw her down, Yogmaya flew (from his hands) and appeared in the form of a Devi with eight arms.  In a celestial voice, Yogmaya roared, “Oh fool! How can you kill me? Your slayer has already appeared in Braj.”  Saying this, Yogmaya disappeared.

Nand was ecstatically elated that he had a son at an old age, and there was a magnificently grand celebration.  This was the Divine appearance of (Supreme God) Shree Krishna.

We are a fraction of Shree Krishna, His servants.  Devotion to Shree Krishna will put an end to our sorrows and sufferings and we will attain transcendental and surpassingly superior, unlimited and infinite Divine bliss.  Just as Brahma and others sang praises and glories, in the same way, God will reveal Himself if we wholeheartedly long and yearn for Him by chanting and remembering His name, His form, His leelas and His virtues.

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