It is possible to minimize (the effect) of destiny?


Q. Maharajji! Is it possible to minimize (the effect) of destiny?

A. God and Saints are all-knowing and all-powerful. They can do whatever They want, They can do whatever They don’t want, and They can do the opposite. However, They also observe the rules and regulations (of this world). God does not alter destiny, and Saints also do not alter destiny. They don’t even alter Their own destiny, what to say of others’? (As an exception,) there have been a few such great, great Saints who had to ascend to Golok sooner than expected, so in order to reduce their longer destiny of fifty years, each multiplied their body by fifty times so as to remain in this world for only one year, but they still lived that (fifty years) destiny.

Although Saints live their destiny, the fact is that they remain unaffected by the pains of their destiny. Son died – “Fine, cremate his body.” (In other words,) whatever people commonly practice in the world does not affect Saints. If anything gets destroyed, they claim, “It’s all okay, as material things are momentary by nature.” Whether it is a situation of loss or harm or bad reputation or even death, Saints remain detached in all. This is the reason they very effortlessly and peacefully go through their destiny.

Saints never act against the rules of conduct established by God, and God also does not act contrary to the same rules; otherwise, people will object by saying, “Lord Ram saved His own father Dashrath and Shree Krishna saved Abhimanyu, but He did not save my son from dying.” No one (in the world) should get an opportunity to raise an objection; for this reason alone, God did not save His own father during the time of His descension. God is allowing things to happen as per the protocol of this world.

The five Pandav, all Saints, and devout devotees of Shree Krishna were wandering in the jungles for fourteen years and Lord Ram Himself was roaming the jungles for fourteen years with Sita Ji, and although He could very well have changed it, He did not change or alter the boon and curse as part of His destiny.

Although nothing is ever impossible for God and Saints, They follow the disciplines of this world so that the people do not get a chance to raise any objections. They live Their destiny. This is the difference.

For this reason, a Saint willingly undergoes his destiny and we should also willingly undergo ours. (For example,) if someone murders another person, he is well aware that he will receive a death sentence. “Oh you are going to commit a murder? You will be hung to death.” “Yes, I know I will be hung, but it is okay. We are four brothers, there will be one less.” Thinking in this way, he commits a murder. He knows (the outcome of his action).

Similarly, when we have committed sins in our past lives, then when it comes time to bear the fruits (of our past actions), we should unhesitatingly encounter them. At the time of committing the sin, you didn’t think about the teachings of Saints, scriptures and the Vedas. (Your attitude at the time was…) “Of course, I am going to commit this sin.” When the time to suffer the consequences comes, then we say, “O God! Please forgive me.” “O yeah! Should I excuse your sins just like that?” No government of any country spares anyone (for committing a crime). Whether one has committed a single murder or a hundred, death sentence would be inevitable. (If someone says,) “O Sir! But I only committed one murder, please pardon me. I promise I will not do it again.” “O sure, you will be sentenced to death once not to repeat the same mistake again.”

Thus, the fruits of our own karmas (actions) is known as destiny. We should gratefully accept the fruits of our actions as the prasad (blessings) of God. When we know that we have to undergo our destiny, why not face it with a smile instead of tears. (Someone may say,) “How could we possibly smile in a situation of despair?” We can look at another person who is in a situation of greater suffering than ourselves. “My father is dead, but both his parents are dead. At least I have my mother. My son is dead, but he not only lost his son, he is blind also.” You at least have eyes to be able to go out and earn money to feed yourself. “Yes, that is true.” So, in essence you won’t feel so bad if you look at another person who is in a place of greater misery than yourself.

On the other hand, if you keep comparing yourself with anyone above you, then in that case, even Indra (king of celestial abode) is miserable too. This is because there is always someone above someone else. Someone may say, “I have four sons, but they are all rascals. Well, I am a millionaire, but my brother is a billionaire.” Surely, there is always going to be someone superior to you, (and if you will keep gauging your situation against others’) you will find yourself crying without escape.

Thus, don’t look above, look below. There are thousands of such people in our country who either don’t have an arm or a leg or eye, and yet they are alive. Some beg for survival and after a whole day, they get to fill their stomach and some barely fill half their stomach. We are in a much better position than they are. In fact, we are way better than many for more reasons than one. Every individual should realize the Grace of God as it will aid in lowering the effect of the pain (caused by our destiny).

Regardless of how much they attain, those ignorant souls who are always looking at those above them will always keep crying (over their destiny). For this reason, while undergoing your destiny, you should always realize God’s Grace knowing that your past sins are now diminishing; sins are now finished after having gone through destiny. For example, if a person committed a crime of stealing something, and was thrown in jail for five years, after being released (at the end of the five years) his sin has ceased.

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