Influence Of Atmosphere – Kusang

Influence Of Atmosphere
The time that we spend without the association of the mind with the Divine names, form, leelas, virtues, abode, and the Saints of God is the time spent doing kusang. You may ask, “Is it not possible that the mind is neither doing ‘susang‘ (satsang) nor is it doing kusang?” No, it is not possible. This is because it is impossible for our mind to remain inactive for even a single moment. There are only two kinds of association – one is with God and the other is with the world.

The categories of kusang are many. It is crucial to have an understanding of what these are so that a devotee can be cautious and protect himself from it. Often times a devotee is unable to discriminate that he is doing kusang.

Vatavaran ka prabhav- Influence of atmosphere

It happens many times during the course of a day that the state of our mind keeps changing depending on the kind of atmosphere we are exposed to. At times we think, “Who knows when I might die? I should do devotion as quickly as possible. The world is not going to leave me. It’s not like the world is holding me back. I am the one who is running after the world and being grinded.”

At other times thoughts arise in our mind such as, “Oh! I will do devotion. What is the rush? There is a lot of time left. What is the hurry? After all, I have certain worldly duties to fulfill. I will do devotion by the night. I will do it tomorrow.” Yet at other times we think, “Oh my friend! Eat, drink and be merry. Life is too short. Who has seen the future? God is a figment of crazy people’s imagination.” Who knows what he means by gratification? Oh! even a Saint desires gratification.

Thus, this is all an experience of the constantly changing nature of the three states of the mind associated with the three mayic qualities (sattvic, rajas and tamas). Now, our temperament keeps fluctuating due to the various situations stated above. Just imagine that at one moment your mental state was such that you thought, “I should do devotion.” Just then you received a greater degree of rajas or tamas atmosphere. In other words, upon getting an environment of increased attachment to wife, son, etc, the state of our mind changed and as a result, it deviated from devotion due to the association with these (rajas and tamas) qualities. All this is the importance of the internal three mayic qualities and external material things.

Therefore, don’t trust the future, attach your mind to God right now in the present.

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