Impediments To Devotion

Pride-Impediment To Devotion

“It is my heart’s desire to propel every devotee, and I will, provided he himself doesn’t stop following the path…”

For those souls who are practicing devotion, the ideal is to protect themselves from pride and vanity and to not let feelings of disrespect and disparagement affect them. This is the very foundation of devotion and most advantageous.

Pride exists before God realization.  However, with our material intellect we cannot resolve that we are being prideful or, detect signs of subtle vanity. Only a Saint can identify this pride, and in order to cure and remedy pride, the guidance and help of a Saint is absolutely essential.  For this reason, without harboring feelings of maan and apmaan, we should reflect on how we can become humbler than a blade of grass.

Emotional Distress:
The disease of feeling emotionally distressed or depressed is the greatest of all and it is the greatest impediment in our devotion to God. This is the world.  It has in it people saying all kinds of things – right and wrong.  If anyone will pick on your faults or criticize you, what will he say?  Any particular fault is embedded within us in an unlimited amount.  It is therefore important to increase tolerance. Do not let anyone’s negative words or unfavorable behavior disturb the peace of your mind.  This characterizes devotion and humility.

Lack Of Faith In Guru:
Those who simply sit around and harbor feelings of discouragement and disheartenment inflict great harm upon themselves.  Feelings of dejection and downheartedness signify disregard and disrespect for the inherent Divine power of Guru. Disheartenment is induced by a disciple’s lack of faith and confidence in Guru’s ability to protect the disciple in the present and also in the future.

Idle Talking:

Idle Talk

If it so happens, that someone starts criticizing someone else, just start saying ‘Radhey Radhey’ so that the critic may leave else, your devotion and inner spiritual power will be destroyed.  Make a firm and earnest resolution that whenever you will speak, you will speak about anything related to God.  Wherever three individuals are sitting together, keep chanting the Divine name softly.  Don’t waste free time in casual wandering and idle talking.

Undesirable Atmosphere:

It is written in the scriptures: It is still better to give up your life in a steel cage, exposed to the extreme flares of blazing coal, than to entertain an unpleasant and undesirable atmosphere.  There are pitfalls and downfalls at every step up until the very last second before God realization.  The scholar of scriptures, self-controlled and righteous Ajamil, became an example of a sinner as a result of a single moment’s kusung.  It takes less time to gravitate toward destruction through incorrect practice over the course of uncountable lifetimes, and it takes longer to become perfect.

Affinity Towards The World:
The more affinity and affection you will develop toward the world, your heart will turn away from God to the same extent.  The world can be won over with social formality and etiquette, whereas God can be won over with love.

Thus, do not indulge in an atmosphere or an environment that is going to prove detrimental. Also read How To Enhance Your Devotion?

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