How To Progress In Devotion

MindIt’s a known fact that this world is made of maya; there is no doubt that there are many defilements. Everyone who hasn’t fully attained God realization is full of faults; their sinful and unlimited sins and transgressions are attached to them. They are known as sanchit karm.

Just know one philosophy: Everyone is the same as us-that’s it. Just look to your own self, eliminate your own faults, have control over your mind. Do not obsess on faults and do not listen to them. Just as you would run upon seeing a snake, similarly run if anyone starts criticizing another person. Everything in the world has advanced with practice. Try to eliminate faults and weaknesses, and develop goodness with practice.

This human life is so very fickle and unstable. Laziness, negligence, fault-finding, listening to criticism of others – we should immediately put a stop to all these faults and weaknesses, and think about earning something. When kids take high school exams, their school is overlooking a busy street and they only have three hours to finish their exam. Hundreds of cars are driving by, men and women are walking up and down the street, but that child does not think about anything. That child is concerned about his future. “What if I fail this exam?” In the same way, there is no guarantee if we will live for the next three hours or we won’t.  Become cautious and alert, and focus on earning (devotion). Be careful not to waste what you earn. Spend as little as possible, and only then you will become a millionaire and billionaire. Have very limited interaction with the world and always refrain from unfavorable behavior.

Story tellers narrate a story that once, a rich man was accounting for his full day’s earnings and it wasn’t working out; as result, it got late. The servant was repeatedly coming to remind him, “Your wife is waiting to eat dinner. Please come and eat.” He tried again, tried again, and it turned midnight. So his wife said, “Go and put a little bit of kheer on his mouth. When he will taste the sweetness, he will remember that he has to eat.” The servant went and put a little bit of kheer on his mouth. He licked the kheer and went and washed his hands, meaning dinner is over. This is how a greedy person becomes a millionaire, a billionaire. In the same way, every moment, do remembrance of Hari and Guru. Planning and practicing serving them with body, mind and wealth is our real wealth.

Try, as little as possible, to utilize your body, mind and wealth for worldly entertainments and attainments. Devote only that which is necessary, not more than that. Ved Vyas (in the words of Shree Krishna) says, “However much is needed to fill your stomach – two rotis, four rotis – is all you are entitled to in My creation. If you will try to gather, seize more than that, then I shall see what will happen to you.” ‘Sasteno dandmarhati‘ – such a person will be punished after death and his possessions will also remain.

So, to progress in our devotion, we have to look at our own self, eliminate our own faults, have control over our mind and remember Hari & Guru every moment.

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