How To Enhance Devotion?

Enhancing Devotion

To conquer the five physical senses and to not develop attachment to anyone is still possible.  However, unless and until feelings of maan and apmaan cease, feelings of self-superiority and self-conceit will remain and continue to multiply.  To make progress by leaps and bounds in devotion, one has to sincerely and wholeheartedly adhere to the devotional teachings revealed by Guru, realizing that God and Guru are one.

  1. When you hear anyone pointing out your faults, become joyfully ecstatic by accepting yourself as most fortunate, “Oh this person is my well-wisher because he is pointing out my faults.”  And, work at eliminating your weaknesses.
  2. When you find a genuine Guru, and you develop faith and confidence in him, sincerely and wholeheartedly adhere to the devotional teachings revealed by him.  You will have to do this, whether you do it in one lifetime or in a thousand lifetimes.  If you simply heed the teachings of Guru with due diligence, you will make progress by leaps and bounds in just one year.
  3. Always maintain positive and favorable feelings toward your spiritual guide, regardless of the situation.  Favorable feelings in unfavorable situations indicate stability of the heart and mind.  Feel deeply honored, grateful and appreciative upon being blessed with an opportunity to fulfill a devotional teaching. Feel the close presence of God and Guru at all times.  Never ever feel that you are alone.  This is the greatest form of devotion.  When you will achieve stability, the mind will very naturally and easily become engrossed during dhyan (meditation).
  4. Upon making a sincere effort, faults and weaknesses surely diminish.   Everyone commits mistakes, but the greatest mistake is when one continues to commit mistakes even after being repeatedly reminded.
  5. The most reliable tool to measure the degree of our worldly detachment is knowing the extent of pain and misery in the absence of worldly bliss.
  6. The more affinity and affection you will develop toward the world, your heart will turn away from God to the same extent.  The world can be won over with social formality and etiquette, whereas God can be won over with love.
  7. Even if you perform an extensively deep and thorough study of all the scriptures from the Vedas to the Ramayan for uncountable kalps, in the end you will realize that Guru and God are one; therefore, wholehearted service to Guru alone is the most superior goal.

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