How Should God Be Loved?

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Remember one thing, that’s it! The relationship of our heart and mind should be with Bhagwan and Guru. Just placing the head on Their feet will not do the job; doing arti will not do the job; giving charity will not do the job. These are all means. Offering whatever you have is all fine. However, one has to completely surrender to Guru and Bhagwan, but just doing this alone will not do the job.

Love is very important. Love of the heart. The Gopis of Braj performed all the chores of the house – sweeping, churning the curd, feeding their child – but tears are flowing from their eyes while remembering Shyam Sundar. Always and everywhere say, Radhey Radhey. Shed tears, do remembrance, whether you are sitting in the bathroom, in a bar or in extreme filth. In whatever situation you may be in, God will not become impure from your impurity. God will make the impure pure.

You see, when dirt goes into Ganga Ji, when dirty water from drains flow into Ganga Ji, they become pure like Ganga Ji. Ganga Ji doesn’t become dirty like that drain water. When the mind will have love and affinity for a pure object, then it will become pure. Just as when anything comes into contact with fire, it takes the shape of fire, a dirty thing also takes the form of fire.

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