How Do Faults Invade Our Heart?

Fault FindingThe perfect validation of ourselves being faulty and defective is that we observe faults in others.

The machine or the channel (meaning the mind) is the same through which we see faults in others, and through which we bring the same faults into our heart.  Whatever faults we perceive in others, invade our heart through contemplation.  To look at others’ faults is the greatest and gravest fault because then our intellect becomes polluted too.  Every soul is and will be full of faults before God realization.  It is quite alright that due to the absence of a certain atmosphere or environment, a particular fault of another person may or may not be visible to you.

When we do our devotion, then we don’t obsess on other people’s faults and weaknesses.  Consequently, we develop good sanskars and our bad sanskars take shelter in our causal body.  However, when we again get into the mode of fault-finding, then our bad sanskars escape the causal body and seize and influence our good sanskars.

Thus, we must practice not finding faults in others.  If this is not possible, then find a neutral place in your heart toward these faults.

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