How Can We Reduce Pride & Vanity?

How Can We Reduce Pride & Vanity

The following question was asked by a devotee and answered by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj Himself.

What can a devotee do to reduce pride and vanity in his heart?

These are material weaknesses or flaws that every individual soul has and they remain until God realization. However, they remain subsided by devotional feelings. There is no way to directly conquer them. While doing sadhana (devotion), if feelings of anger or jealousy come in the heart, one cannot push them away as if they have their own force.

 Let us say for instance, you are sitting and talking to your friend and having a cup of tea and some other person comes. If you don’t acknowledge or greet that person; if you don’t pay attention to him, he will feel insulted and go away. On the other hand, if you welcome him, he will join you for tea as well. However, if you resist his coming, he will force his way to join you. Similarly, during devotional practice, when such negative feelings arise in the heart, don’t forcibly resist them, don’t greet them; rather,  just simply avoid them by diverting your mind to Radha Krishna.

 If any unfavorable thought like jealousy or anger comes in your mind for any devotee, you should immediately realize that you also have faults. Avoid dwelling on others’ faults as everyone has some fault. Maybe somebody has one fault and you have a different fault, but the fact is that faults exist in every individual. Looking upon the faults of others is called pardosh darshan. It is the worst thing a devotee can do to discredit and hinder his devotional progress.

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