How Can We Protect Ourselves Against Kusang

Protect Against Kusang

Upon falling into kusang, the decision of the mind and also the intellect becomes identical and as a result a devotee fails to discriminate with his own intellect. Just as the intellect is swamped by the level of the intoxicant in alcohol, similarly the intellect is also destroyed depending on the magnitude of kusang. When we get caught in kusang in the form of three (mayic) gunas, our intellect gets destroyed. It is then virtually impossible to decide with such a damaged intellect that in reality we are doing kusang.

The second thing is that for as long as a soul has self-pride, until then he does not easily accept himself as fallen. It is the Guru who repeatedly points out the faults and weaknesses of a devotee and keeps bringing him to consciousness, otherwise a soul always thinks of itself as virtuous. Therefore, it is imperative to have a coachman in the form of gunateet -one who is beyond the three mayic qualities- Guru.

Internally also, kusang exists in the form of mental turmoil associated with the three mayic qualities and externally also ninety nine percent of the atmosphere that a devotee is exposed to primarily is influenced by kusang. In addition to that, the practice of the unlimited lifetimes of kusang also plays a part. Then how is it possible that a soul can achieve spiritual welfare?

In the words of Tulsidas Ji: For one thing, a monkey is naughty by nature; secondly, he is also suffering from a form of hysteria; thirdly, a scorpion has stung him and fourthly, he has been given alcohol to drink. Now just think, what must be the condition of that monkey? This is exactly the situation of souls also. For one thing, a soul is eternally sinful. Secondly, he has bad mental tendencies due to past negative sanskars. Thirdly, he is in contact with bad environments not conducive to spirituality and fourthly, being empowered by the three gunas, his intellect is in a state of material intoxication. Only God could help such a pitiable soul in the form of a monkey.

However, everything will be alright with practice. An extremely ferocious tiger also dances to the lightning crack of the whip (as in a circus). First and foremost a devotee has to set his intellect straight because as per the philosophy of the Gita, the downfall of a soul happens due to the defectiveness of its intellect.

Thus, a devotee must practice anchoring his intellect to the Divine teachings of his Guru.

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