How can we meditate on the form of God?

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Q Guru Ji! When we are doing remembrance of Bhagwan, sometimes daughter, sometimes wife, sometimes mother appears. How can we do remembrance of Bhagwan?

A: ‘OK, so tell me what you like the most about your daughter?’ ‘Maharajji, I like my daughter’s eyes very much. When I try to meditate on the eyes of Bhagwan, then I start meditating on my daughter’s eyes.’

Yes, yes, my son, don’t be nervous. You see, do one thing: When your daughter appears before you, then make Krishna stand in your daughter’s eyes and then look at your daughter’s eyes. Your daughter will think that my father is loving me, but in fact, you are loving Shyam Sundar. Look at the eyes of your wife, whatever you like, wherever you have maximum attachment – don’t be nervous, don’t be troubled, don’t be irritable – make Shyam Sundar stand in that place.

You like a certain building very much, make Shyam Sundar stand on top of that building; Tribhangi Lal is standing playing on His flute. Just bring Shyam Sundar to the place where the mind wanders. Let it go, don’t stop your mind. It won’t stop if you try to stop it, but will run even more. Let the mind go wherever it goes and bring Shyam Sundar to that place. This is a good technique! Now, when you bring Manmohan Krishna in the place wherever the mind goes, then the mind will give up and will become tired. The mind will think, ‘It’s useless going anywhere, because he (referring to you, the devotee) makes the spirit of Shyam Sundar, Nandpoot, appear everywhere I go.’

You see, the person who trains monkeys initially ties a 100-foot-long string around the monkey’s neck. So the monkey jumps within that area of a 100 feet and tries to go beyond, but when the string pulls on his neck, he thinks, ‘OK, I will jump in this area.’ Then he remains in the area of 100 feet. Gradually, a 50-foot-long string is tied around the monkey’s neck. In the same way, a 10-foot-long string, a five-foot-long string, and when a one-foot-long string is tied around the monkey’s neck, then the monkey settles down – it’s useless to run away. Our mind is the same. Wherever it goes, bring Shyam Sundar in that place.

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