Have Faith In Your Path

FaithIf you meet a genuine Saint and faithfully surrender to him, then nothing is impossible.  Infinite, insignificant souls have reached Sainthood.  Why can’t you?

You dug a one-foot-deep hole in the ground, “There is no water here.” We think, “let me dig some place else.” You dug another hole, twenty feet deep, “There is no water here either.”  In this way, you may continue digging the ground in various places for thousands of feet, you will find no water.  If you would have continued digging in one place for fifty feet, it is possible that you would have found water.

 If a city is a hundred miles away from your house and (while traveling to that city) you walked a distance of ten miles and stopped. Why did you?  Keep going and you will find it. You are on the right road, coming across milestones, but if you develop a doubt that perhaps you are on the wrong road, then after traveling a distance of ten miles, you will turn around and come back.  You went ten miles south, ten miles north, ten miles west.

In this way, even if one keeps running in all directions for their entire life, they will never ever succeed in reaching their goal.

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