Greatness Of Maharas

Greatness Of Maharas

Out of all the scriptures in the Hindu religion, Bhagwat Mahapuran reigns supreme. Bhagwan Shree Krishna Himself, while seated in Brahma’s heart, inspired the Divine knowledge of the Bhagwatam in the heart of Brahma. The five chapters (of the tenth canto) of the Bhagwatam that describe the supreme bliss of maharas are known as ‘panch pran‘ (five soul) of the Bhagwatam.

Shree Krishna observed the (full moon) nights that manifested in the jungles before maharas. These nights were inspired and created by yogmaya. The length of one night of the maharas was equal to one night of Brahma (which is four billion, three-hundred-twenty million years). Such was the effect of the night that flowers of all the six seasons blossomed and Shree Krishna decided to delight the hearts of deserving souls with the supreme Bliss of His infinite Divine Grace.

Krishna Playing Flute For Gopis

When Shree Krishna played His flute, the sound of the flute entered their ears and the flute stole the heart of the deserving souls; this was the first Grace. When the Gopis finally reached Shree Krishna, they were told by Shree Krishna to return to their homes and, as a result, a debate took place between Shree Krishna and the Gopis. Shree Krishna was defeated. After that, Maharas began.

At the time of Maharas, the Gopis developed pride of being superior to other women. As soon as pride crept into the heart of the Gopis, Shree Krishna disappeared with Kishori Ji. Now, the Gopis began lamenting. Firstly, they asked the trees and creepers (about the whereabouts of Shree Krishna and Kishori Ji). After that, in the mahabhav state, they began enacting the leelas of Shree Krishna. Seeing the unbearable and grievous state of Her soul-beloved Sakhis, Kishori Ji entered the state of maan and as a result, Shree Krishna left Kishori Ji also. Now, all the Gopis who were wailing saw Kishori Ji lying unconscious in their path.

After that, all the Gopis, along with Kishori Ji, congregated and together they sang ‘Gopi Geet’. ‘Gopi Geet’ in the Bhagwatam is most important, as it was chanted to bring Shree Krishna back, and Kishori Ji was a part of it. Upon hearing the rather deep and humble yearning of the Gopis, Shree Krishna lost control over His heart and appeared before the Gopis, who then experienced the infinite bliss of supreme Divine happiness.

As a result of the Gopis asking, Shree Krishna said, “I disappeared to intensify your devotion. I didn’t go anywhere. I was quietly singing your glories and affectionately remembering all of you.” Further, Shree Krishna said, “O Gopis! I consider Myself to be so deeply indebted to your selfless devotion that even if I tried to serve you to the extent of the age of celestial gods, even then I will not be able to repay your debt.” Hearing this from the lotus lips of their beloved Shree Krishna, the Gopis‘ hearts were overwhelmed with joy. After that, Maharas began.

What happened in Maharas? This can only be appreciated after becoming qualified with the Grace of a maha Rasik (Saint).

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  1. Radhe Radhe. This was very beautiful, however, I have a question that is troubling me after reading this and I would be so grateful if a preacher could please help me understand something.

    It says that Radha Ji entered the state of ‘maan’- what is ‘maan’, and why did Radha Ji enter this state?
    Second question, which is bothering me (probably due to my ignorance) – Shree Krishna is Shree Radha; one Brahm took two forms, one of dark-skinned Shree Krishna and one of light-skinned Shree Radha for the sake of performing leelas on earth. So Shree Radha and Shree Krishna are literally one entity, appearing as two forms. Then what does it mean when “Shree Krishna left Kishori Ji also”? Shree Radha is God Herself, so I don’t understand this part – it seems as if Shree Krishna got ‘angry’ and therefore ‘left’, but how can this be..when Shree Krishna IS Shree Radha? Was this a leela to try to show something to the gopis? Kindly clarify this major point!

    And lastly, this question is a general one – applying the same thing mentioned above, that Shree Radha is Shree Krishna, in any given leela, the gopis are ‘sakhis’ of Shree Radha, but still ‘seek’ Shree Krishna….since Shree Radha is Shree Krishna only, doesn’t it mean the gopis already have Shree Krishna, in the form of Shree Radha?

    Perhaps I am extremely ignorant and that’s why I am not able to understand. I desperately want to understand correctly, kindly remove my ignorance. This plea is for a preacher please, thank you so much! Radhe Radha.

    1. Radhey Radhey,

      Maan is a state of Divine ecstasy which reveals a specific type of Divine bliss. Radha Krishna are Themselves the very form of bliss and the source of bliss. Everything They do is bliss and reveals/imparts bliss. We call those ‘doings’ leelas. They are not ordinary actions, and cannot be compared to actions performed by an ordinary person. Radha Krishna do not have worldly emotions caused by desire and selfishness – They have Divine emotions arising out of bliss and Their desire to grace the souls. They are absolute perfection and whatever They do is perfect.

      When Kishori Ji enters into maan, it appears that She is annoyed with Shree Krishna, and that She does not want to see or talk to Him. This multiplies the longing in both Her and Krishna’s heart for milan. The longer They are apart, the more this virah increases. When They finally do meet, the excitement of milan is much more elevated than before. This is experienced by Radha, Krishna, and the Gopis. Thus, maan is a leela that gives a different experience of the Divine bliss to all 3: Radha Krishna, and Gopis.

      Shree Krishna also sometimes does leelas (like He did in Maharas) where He disappears, or leaves Radha and the Gopis. This also happens for the same reason as described above.

      Regarding your question about Radha Krishna being one – it is true that They are one. In fact, Gopis are also one with Them, so they can never be apart. After God realization, there is no such thing as being separate from God. Yet, the field of Divine love is so amazing, that even within this permanent state of oneness, there is the feeling of virah, which multiplies the bliss and causes the experience of happiness to go on increasing every second. This is the visheshta of Radha Krishna leelas, and is what sets the bliss of Divine love and Vrindaban abode above the bliss of other forms of God and other abodes. In the case of attaining nirakar brahm, there is total oneness and no form of any kind; there is no experience of either virah or milan – in fact, there is no experience of any kind. In the case of attaining almighty forms of God like Maha Vishnu, there are no leelas; you can have His darshan and experience the unlimited bliss of His beauty, but there is no personal interaction. It is only with Radha Krishna that the highest bliss of the Divine world is revealed; this is made possible through the fact that They exist in two forms and do such leelas which give the experience of both milan and virah.

      It is all beyond our understanding. Therefore, the leelas of Radha Krishna should be meditated upon, enjoyed, and taken with faith. The more we try to understand them with our material logic, the more we restrict our ability to taste the ras of those leelas, which is the real point after all.

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