Golden Words Of Devotion

Jagadguru Kripalu Ji MaharajWe have received this extremely rare and precious human body, which is inaccessible even to the celestial gods.  Moreover, we have been blessed with all kinds of Divine Grace and yet, we are engrossed in sheer carelessness and negligence. We are letting this golden opportunity slip by.

  • Always exercise caution; never do anything wrong. Guru and God silently note everything, but they never tell us.
  • Why do you believe yourself to be this physical body?  Think of yourself as the soul and know that your Divine beloved resides in everyone’s heart.
  • While practicing devotion, realize yourself to be destitute, sinful and fallen, otherwise, your hard earned devotion will be lost.
  • Do not  procrastinate in devotion.  Immediately and without even the slightest delay, engage in sadhana
  • The mind can do only one thing at any given time.  No task is ever possible without the association of the mind.  By all means, engage your mind to perform any kind of work; however, keep the attachment of the mind in God alone.
  • You must do devotion to God alone.  Simply observe your duty toward the world.  Give respect to all physical relations, however, do not attach your mind.  Devotion to God must be single-minded
  • Thinking of yourself as a very precious and valuable possession of your Divine beloved, feel deeply honored and flattered in serving Him daily.  Always and at all times, think in the mind, “Not even a single moment of my life should be wasted unnecessarily.”
  • Every individual make mistakes. Thus, behave and interact with everyone with serenity and humility.  Consider everyone greater than yourself.  When you will develop humility, then tears will flow in abundance.
  • ‘Speak less, speak sweetly’ – everyone should practice this ideal and along with this, remember and chant ‘Radhey Radhey’ in the mind or vocally in a soft voice.
  • Learn to be tolerant. Do not let anyone’s negative words or unfavorable behavior disturb the peace of your mind. This characterizes devotion and humility.
  • When you find a genuine Guru, and you develop faith and confidence in him, (sincerely and wholeheartedly) adhere to the devotional teachings revealed by him.
  • Feel the close presence of God and Guru at all times.  Never ever feel that you are alone.  This is the greatest form of devotion.

Utilize every living moment in devotion and service.  You may or may not live to see the next moment; you may or may not receive another human birth.  At present you have been blessed with a precious human body and Guru.  Why all this negligence, then?  Think again and again – you will not be easily endowed with a better opportunity than this.

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