Going Beyond The Ved

Divine Goal-Beyond Ved After having understood the reality of Swarg, Arjun wanted to go beyond it. Shree Krishna told him that He is going to explain karm yog, by practicing which he can be freed from the bondage of karm and the cycle of birth and death (chapter 2, verses 38-40).

Beyond The Ved

At this point Shree Krishna tells Arjun that he must go beyond the teachings of the Ved. Why would Shree Krishna say such a thing? After all, the Ved is the foundation of Sanatan Dharm, and all other scriptures like the Gita are based on the teachings of the Ved. Here we must remember that the Ved and other scriptures of Sanatan Dharm are a fully coordinated, multi-tiered educational system that has something for everyone, depending on their level of spiritual advancement, and the goal they wish to attain. The lowest level of this system teaches people how to be good, and gives them incentive to develop discipline and the positive qualities of their mind. This is handled by the karm kand of the Ved, which comprises 80% of the one hundred thousand mantras of the Ved. It tells the law of karm, what is punya, what is pap, and what are the rewards for punya, and the punishments for pap. In other words, it tells all of the do’s and don’t’s that a person should live by. This is called the vidhi and nishedh of the Ved.

However, as explained above, this can only take a person so far. After many lifetimes of such good actions, a person may start to wonder if there is something more – if there is a state of perfect happiness beyond the cycle of birth and death and beyond the sufferings of this world. At this time, he must transcend the mere do’s and don’t’s of the Ved and learn how to reach God.

Striving for the Divine goal

Thus, Shree Krishna tells Arjun that the teachings of the karm kand of Ved are limited to the three qualities of maya (sattva, raj, tam), and must be transcended. Instead of making the attainment of worldly happiness his goal in life, he should make the attainment of God the goal of his life (chapter 2, verse 45). God is absolute bliss and knowledge, and the one who attains Him becomes equally blissful and knowledgeable. Karm yog is one of the ways of attaining God, which Shree Krishna proceeded to explain to Arjun-explained in detail in the next article ‘The Secret Of Karm Yog.’

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