God Reveals The Knowledge Of Sanatan Dharm

Sanatan Dharm Knowledge Revealed By God

The souls are eternal and have been seeking God since eternity, but they cannot know about God on their own because God is beyond human intellect. The only way would be for God to make Himself known to the souls, and He does – through the Vedas, Gita and other Hindu scriptures that He produces on the earth planet. Thus, in the eternal cycle of creation and dissolution of the universe, the souls have been taking birth after birth since eternity, and in every birth, the knowledge of God and of dharm has been available through these scriptures.

Mantaining The Availability Of The Hindu Scriptures On The Earth Planet

Ved VyasIn order to maintain the availability of these scriptures for the guidance of the souls, sometimes the books have to be reproduced. There is a system for this as well. All of these scriptures are reproduced at the end of every dwaparyug by a descension of God called Ved Vyas (each manvantar is divided into 71 cycles of the four yugas; each cycle corresponds to one minute of Brahma’s day – we are currently in the 28th cycle of the seventh manvantar – thus, we are currently in the 28th dwaparyug of this manvantar). This means that Ved Vyas has reproduced the scriptures 28 times in this manvantar alone. When he comes, Ved Vyas re-writes all the Hindu scriptures, including the Ved, Darshan Shastras, Puranas, Ramayan, and the Mahabharat, which includes the Gita. The latest such reproduction was 5,000 years ago.

In the next part, I will address the question of whether the conversation recorded by Ved Vyas in the Gita is a word-for-word transcript of the conversation between Krishna and Arjun, or if it was somehow expanded upon at a later date.

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