God Is In Everyone

Once Sant Eknath was travelling from Kashi to Rameshwaram. In his hand, he carried a kamandal (a pot) filled with Ganga Jal (pure water from the river Ganges). It was summertime and water could not be found miles on end. On his journey, he came across a donkey, who was almost dying from thirst. He took the water (Ganga Jal) from his kamandal and poured it in donkey’s mouth. The donkey felt revived. When Sant Eknath’s disciples saw this, they said, “What did you do? Now how would we do Lord Shankar’s abhishek?” 

Eknath Ji, content as ever, said, “Are! Did you not see, the Lord Rameshwar (Shankar Ji) Himself came in the form of donkey? He is so kind. He Himself came to us so we don’t have to take the trouble of going all the way to Rameshwaram.”

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