Gems Of Divine Wisdom

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With an alert mind we should evolve feelings of love and affinity for God, and with a sincere heart beg God for His Divine love, with tears of love and longing. Such selfless tears will purify our heart and mind, which will qualify us to experience the Grace of our Guru. The Grace of Guru will ensure the Divine vision and eternal seva (servitude) of God.


Only that sadhana  is true sadhana that enables a sadhak (devotee) to attain sadhya (the eternal goal of servitude to Shree Radha Krishna).


The greatest (material) sin is to inflict pain and misery upon others.


Speak less, speak sweetly; increase tolerance and forbearance. Behave compassionately and with humility toward one another and do not hurt others’ feelings. By doing this, your devotional bhao (feelings) will remain intact.


First thing is that you are the soul; second thing is that you have committed uncountable sins in uncountable past lifetimes; the third thing is that for as long as you keep your heart and mind engaged in devotional remembrance, you are wise, and the remaining time you are foolish and ignorant. Firmly attach this philosophy of Kripalu to your consciousness and remain cautious every moment. This way you will make fewer mistakes, and little by little your bad habits will vanish.


Do not think about others’ faults and your good qualities. We must try and ‘become’ good, not try to be ‘called’ good.


Only the lives of those souls who have offered their body, mind and soul at the lotus feet of Guru and God is the true life. The rest are like corpses.

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