Fault-finding is extremely destructive. This is because it is detrimental in two ways. The first is that during the period of fault-finding one’s heart is overcome with self-pride and self-vanity which is the cause of a devotee’s immediate downfall. The second being that while repeatedly engrossed in the remembrance of one’s faults, little by little the intellect assumes a negative form, and as a result an inclination toward undesired subjects evolves, which in turns leads to unfavorable actions.

However, the surprising thing is that only a learned man has the authority to call an ignorant, ignorant. Why would an ignorant call an ignorant, ignorant? He himself is ignorant. If one says, “What can I do? Fault-finding kind of has become my nature.” Then, you can find faults all you want, but don’t look at others’ faults! Looking into your own faults will ensure that your temperament will remain unharmed, and in addition, there is a great benefit. That great benefit in the words of Tulsidas Ji is that upon the realization of faults, some level of protection does take place. This is because somehow that soul will most certainly make an effort to save itself from its weaknesses.

Thus, obsessing on others’ faults is perfect evidence of one having faults themselves. Take an example, in the world if a father is rushing to a doctor for medicine for his injured son, meets someone on the way, without caring about the social etiquette, he simply says, “I don’t have time now. I will see you some other time.” Keeping in mind his goal, he goes straight to the doctor.

In the same way, in order to alleviate his mental ailments, a devotee should strive to reach his goal by sincerely following the path as shown by his Guru. There should not be a single opportunity that instead of eating medicine in the form of devotion, a devotee breeds the path of negativity by indulging in hypercritical behavior.

Thus, one should be absolutely cautious of this extremely hazardous course of fault-finding.


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