Downfall Of A Devotee

Use Time WiselyThere are 8.4 million different species of living beings in this world and out of all those living beings, it is only the human body that can attain liberation from material pains and miseries and realize perfect Divine love through devotion. This is the reason that even the celestial gods desire a human body.

Out of the seven billion human beings (in existence), there are probably not even seven crore who have been Graced by God to have the great fortune of the association of such a personality who can bestow true Divine knowledge. And for those who have received the incredible privilege of knowing a Saint, they are also setting themselves up to fall back into the cycle of 8.4million species. Why? The single answer is, NEGLIGENCE.

We have two things – physical body and soul. When we understand that the welfare of the soul is the real welfare. As for the physical body, if it receives two rotis, the body says, “I am good now.” However, the welfare of the soul is an extremely huge deal.

Let us think quietly about how much time within twenty-four hours we devote to our body and how much time we devote to the soul? There is only one question, that’s it. If we don’t live to see tomorrow, God will give us the fruits of our actions to date.

People have become billionaires by adding up every penny. In the same way, if we wisely spend every moment, then we will keep making daily progress. The mind cannot remain inactive. If you will not engage your mind in doing the right thing, it will naturally do the undesirable. It will think about mother, father, wife, son or the enemy.

Intelligence calls for making sure that your (devotional) wealth grows. “We are walking from here to the satsang hall, there is nothing to do in the meantime.” Then remember ‘Radhey Radhey’ with every breath. No one will even know what you are doing while walking over to the satsang hall and we secretly earned devotional wealth. We have two minutes of time, five minutes of time, we should remember ‘Radhey’ name and earn devotion within that time. If at the time of death you will have devotional affinity (due to prior practice), then most definitely you will receive a human body, and if at the time of death you are thinking about worldly filth, then after death you will attain the world; you will take birth in the same situation.

Whatever time is necessary to fill the stomach, only that much time should be spent. The remaining time should be devoted to the loving remembrance of God and Guru. 

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