Divine Wisdom – Kusang

Divine Wisdom -Kripalu ji

Gems Of Divine Wisdom as expounded by Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj –

The goal of popularity and prestige is also extreme kusang. Often what happens is that a devotee, upon gaining some knowledge and experience, goes around bragging amongst people and gradually assumes a form of self-pride and self-superiority, and as a result of that he loses the greatest treasure, ‘humility’ as a devotee. In addition to that, such casual behavior only strengthens and further deepens the desire for greatness and glory.

Never ever feel proud upon seeing an atheist and never think, “Oh, he doesn’t know anything. I am way ahead of him.”

A devotee should be very private and discreet about his devotions, especially his devotional experiences. He should only talk about his devotional experiences with his supreme Guru. He should also do remembrance of his own experiences. However, he should always be cautious in maintaining the understanding in his heart and mind that his devotional experiences are a result of his Guru’s Grace only, they are not his own doing.

To insult and disrespect a Saint or a devotee is also extreme kusang. This will lead to transgression and as a result they will not be able to please their own Guru and God. This is because all the Saints and God are one and the same.

All the names, virtues, leelas, abodes, and Saints of God are one and the same. To have unfavorable feelings toward one is equal to having unfavorable feelings toward all.

In the world there are two kinds of existences, satya (truth) and asatya (untruth), the association of which is known as satsang and kusang. Truth is God and the associates of God (Saints) only. Thus, the wholehearted association of the heart and mind with God and Saints is satsang. Contrary to that, the remaining subjects influenced by the three mayic qualities – sattvagun, rajogun, and tamogun are mayic and thus untrue. Meaning that through whatever form of association our heart and mind becomes attached to devotional subjects is known as satsang. Aside from this, all other kinds of subjects are known as kusang.


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