Divine Roopdhyan By A Rasik Saint

Radha Krishna RoopdhyanImagine, that Shree Radha Krishna are standing before you.  They are fully adorned with the most blissfully, heart-captivating decorations. They are smiling and lovingly looking upon you.  Now, imagine that Shree Krishna is spreading His arms to embrace you.  Now, visualize that Shree Krishna is saying something to you, but you cannot hear what He is saying because you have material ears.  Shed tears of deep yearning and longing and humbly beg Shree Krishna to bestow Divine power upon you, so that you may hear His sweet words.

Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “Alright, let me tell you what Shree Krishna is saying.” Shree Krishna is saying, “Why don’t you accept Me alone, as your everything?”  You heard, now believe it.

Again, imagine that Shree Krishna has given you a Divine body and is taking you to His Divine abode, Golok.  Look at the fascinating beauty of Golok where everything is a manifestation of Shree Krishna’s Divine personality.  Everything static and alive is a form of Shree Krishna Himself.  Savor the intoxicating Divine fragrance.  Marvel at the infinite glory of Divine attraction.

Now look!  The Saints of Shree Radha Krishna have arrived to welcome and greet you.  The sakhis and sakhas pull you into their respective circle.  They exclaim, “He belongs to our group.”  You should say something too, but you are completely mesmerized and spellbound.  What can you even say?  Okay, dance out of sheer joy and thrill.

Do remembrance with open eyes.  Shree Krishna is standing before you in a particular location. Now, He is coming to a different place and from there He is approaching you. Imagine that Shree Krishna has permeated your heart, but you wish to visualize Him.  “O Priyatam! Please come out of my heart.”  Now, shed tears of desperation like a newborn child. Now, imagine that Shree Krishna has come out of your heart, but He doesn’t touch you.  He is saying, “Your heart is still crowded with material desires.  Therefore, you are impure.”  Cleanse your heart with humble tears and say, “Okay, the treasure of my soul, now only You and You alone reside in my heart.”  Shree Krishna has come very, very close now.  Feel ecstatic in the joy of His union.

Do remembrance or roopdhyan as described above. Wisely utilize each and every moment of your life.  Don’t allow the mind to be idle.  By doing this, for a while, you will realize what your devotional standing is.

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