Debate and Discussion

Debate and Discussion

The time that we spend without the association of the mind with the Divine names, form, leelas, virtues, abode, and the Saints of God is the time spent doing kusang.

The categories of kusang are many. It is crucial to have an understanding of what these are so that a devotee can be cautious and protect himself from it. Often times a devotee is unable to discriminate that he is doing kusang. Here we will discuss ‘Debate and Discussion’.

Vad vivad  – Debate and discussion

To have a debate and discussion with an unfaithful and an unqualified person about your path and devotion, etc is also kusang. This is because when an all-knowing Saint also cannot easily make an unqualified person understand (Divine knowledge), then how can a devotee do so? If anyone wants to make a person understand with an intention to do him a favor or do a good deed, even then he shouldn’t do it because the fruit of such an effort will be unfavorable due to that person being unfaithful, plus lack of acceptance from the unfaithful person will cause a devotee’s mind to feel disturbed.

According to the scriptures also, to indulge in debate and discussion over the path of bhakti is a grave sin. It is described in the Valmiki Ramyan that Bharat Ji says, “If I had even the slightest intention that Rama should go into exile, may I suffer the consequence of the severe sin of debate and discussion associated with the path of bhakti.”

If a disqualified soul does not understand devotional philosophy then you shouldn’t be surprised or feel sad because there was a time when you didn’t understand it either.

The extreme good fortune of having an affinity to understand Divine knowledge and aspire for it is the result of the infinite Divine Grace of Saint and God. A disqualified should never be told any kind of deep internal secrets related to devotion. This is because due to not having any experience, the devotional knowledge is inconceivable to a disqualified. It will have the opposite effect where he will commit undue transgressions and consequently lose whatever little faith he may have. In addition, the devotee trying to explain the secrets of devotion will also feel agitated.

Thus, argument and controversy should never be listened to nor should it be done. 


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