Creation Of Souls – Grace Of God

Creation Of Universe

God has been doing this work of showering His Grace and compassion since eternity. God was alone. We don’t do anything after total dissolution. We reside in God, but we neither experience the Bliss of God nor the suffering of this mayic world. Just as for example, if someone sniffs chloroform then he doesn’t have any awareness of himself, the doctor or the surgery that he goes through. Thus, the initial Grace of God is that He released all the souls residing in Him.

The question, however, is: what should the souls do after being created? God then manifested His book of Divine law, ‘Ved‘. God thought, “The Ved will show the path of how to attain Me or how to attain Divine Love.” This is also the Grace of God. God endowed us a physical body and wherever we (soul) resided in the physical body, God also came and joined us. Souls in the universe are unlimited, God also became unlimited. Whether it was the body of a human being, of a celestial god, of a dog, of a cat, of a donkey, of any and every form of living being, whatever it may be, God equally entered the heart of every living being. Now, isn’t all this the unconditional Grace of God?

Why would God ever care to sit in our sinful hearts? Not only did God enter our heart, but He also empowered our senses, mind and intellect. All of these lifeless senses began to function. The eyes began seeing, ears began listening and the mind began to think. This is all the Grace of God. Moreover, God brought into our heart the file of the accumulated karmas of our past uncountable lives. We had no clue as to where we were and what we were doing before total dissolution; as to how much devotion we had done and how many sins we had committed. On the basis of the account of our sins and devotion, God gave us inclination.

All this is known as Grace.

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