Controlling Anger

Angry Face

When you get a surge of anger, hold it within. Make sure it doesn’t escape; practice this. After that, do the practice of not even allowing anger to arise in your heart.

Take an example in the world. A master scolds his servant, “You arrived late to work, you fool.” The servant simply says, “Yes sir, yes sir.”  He is also feeling agitated and mad from within, but outwardly, he is showing no reaction and just saying, “Yes sir,” because if the servant also said, “You fool, you also come late to the office…!”  He is thinking and saying this from within, but externally he is displaying control over his heart.

 Don’t speak bitterly and with an edge to anyone.  Upon being condemned and criticized by anyone, do not show hostility by protesting against that person.  In addition, work at eliminating those faults from your heart.  It’s all factual. Just make peace with your reality/self.

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