Conquering Death

Once, it so happened that when Yudhishthir became the king, a Brahmin approached him and said, “I have to get my daughter married; please give me gold equal to ten tola (one tola is 13g). Yudhishthir replied, “I am very busy today with various affairs of the kingdom. Come tomorrow.” The poor Brahmin left. Bhimsen (Yuddhishthir’s younger brother) was listening to everything and he felt really bad. So, without telling Yudhishthir, Bhimsen called for the Prime Minister and told him to broadcast all over the kingdom that everyone should rejoice and celebrate as today is an extremely auspicious day.

Everyone began decorating the whole kingdom and firecrackers started going off. Yudhishthir saw what was going on and he asked, “What is going on here? It’s neither Janmashtmi nor Ram Navmi today, so what is all this about?” He called the Prime Minister and asked, “What is happening here today?” The minister replied, “Your majesty, Bhimsen sent out instructions for all this to happen.”

Bhimsen was called and asked, “What is the matter? What is all this about?” Bhimsen said, “Brother, today is the most festively gleeful day.” “What do you mean by this?” “You have conquered death.” “I have conquered death? Are you in your right mind?

“No one can conquer death. Even those who have the power to conquer death, even they follow the protocol of death.”

Bhimsen said, “Brother,then you could have asked me to arrange ten tola gold for the Brahmin and I would have gladly done it. Why did you ask him to come back tomorrow? Who knows what could happen tomorrow? The Brahmin could die or you could die. Every passing moment is so obscure and you guaranteed him a full day?”

Thus, Yudhishthir realized his mistake.

2 thoughts on “Conquering Death

    1. Radhey Radhey,

      There are many mantras that relate to Shree Krishna, such as “Shree Krishnah sharanam mam”, “Om namo bhagavate Vaasudevaay”, “Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”, etc. However, Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj taught that no one mantra is better than another, and simply taking the name of Krishna in a simple kirtan is equally good. The main thing is that you do roop dhyan (visualize Krishna’s form) and long for His vision. Along with that, if you wish to chant His name or repeat any mantra, you are welcome to. But we must remember that true bhakti is done internally, thus our mind has to be attached to Shree Krishna while chanting His name.

      Nikhilanand Bhaiya

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