Category: Practical Aspects Of Devotion

Yearning In Devotion

“Jal binu meen jaise, Govind Radhey Ur talphani ho to Hari se mila de” (Just like a fish struggles for life without water, extremely deep yearning in the heart will unite you with Shree Krishna.) To achieve God-realization, we have more…

How Can We Protect Ourselves Against Kusang

Upon falling into kusang, the decision of the mind and also the intellect becomes identical and as a result a devotee fails to discriminate with his own intellect. Just as the intellect is swamped by the level of the intoxicant in alcohol, more…

Practical Form Of Devotion

The desire of your inner self is to be absolutely happy forever, which is only possible after God realization because God Himself is Divine Bliss, Whose supreme blissful and loving form is Radha Krishna.  Thus, the attainment of Radha Krishna more…


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