Category: Bhagwad Gita

Every soul has had unlimited janm

In the last artcle, Shree Krishna states that He states that both He and Arjun have had unlimited janm. Let us dwell on this a bit more. Every soul has had unlimited janm As we learned in the second chapter, souls more…

Taming the Desires

We discussed in the last article “Why Can’t We Discriminate Between Right & Wrong” that we all naturally have desires; thus we are all in danger of doing sinful actions under the influence of desire. Now let’s explore in detail about more…

Characteristics Of God-realized Soul

After hearing Shree Krishna’s explanation of karm yog and the state of perfect yog or union with God, Arjun enquires about the characteristics of a God realized (Sthitapragya) soul. Arjun wishes to know how God-realized personalities talk, sit, and behave more…


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