Categories Of Seva

Categories Of Seva

The actual form of seva is associated with God and Guru. Service that is done without the desire for our own happiness or self-interest, rather the motivation is to please the person that is being served, is true seva.

There are two categories of service to God and Guru. The first kind of service to God and Guru is that which is done according to our own desires and wishes. “It is my desire to feed him rasgulla.” Guruji says, “I don’t eat rasgulla.” I have diabetes. Mood goes off. Thus, this is in fact service to our own self that we so selfishly wish to do to our Guru.

Service is done for the happiness of Guru, for the happiness of God. It is never done for our own self. A mother serves her newborn baby. Mother thinks, “My baby is shivering in the cold, I should put warm clothes on my baby. It is crying, it is hungry, I should feed milk to my baby.” Just as the mother is doing service to her little baby for the comfort and happiness of the baby, in the same way service should be done for the happiness of God and Guru. It should be done according to Their wishes. This should be the condition. Only then it will be considered true service. Otherwise, if anyone tries to do service with a selfish motive then it is service done to one’s own self. Cement this philosophy in your consciousness. It will assist you until God realization.

This mind is so terribly corrupt and wicked that it doesn’t budge from its evilness even in the presence of a devotionally oriented atmosphere. Thousands of people are flocking to places of pilgrimage such as Vaishnav Devi and Tirupati to seek worldly blessings. All of these polluted desires are due to following the wishes of the mind. Thus, this is not seva.

Service is that which is exclusively and single-mindedly done for the happiness and as per the wishes of sevya. Such kind of service purifies the heart and mind. On the contrary, service that is done according to the willfulness of the mind and with a worldly motivation will only further pollute the mind because the world is entering the mind, not God. We should feel happy by making that person happy whom we are serving. We should rejoice in the feeling of making our sevya happy; in the feeling that, “My body, my wealth, my mind are truly blessed.”

Seva done according to the wishes of God and Guru only is considered true service.

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