Attach Mind To God

Jadabharat, a great Paramhansa is an eminent example for this. Once, Jadabharat was sitting on the bank of the river Ganges. A pregnant doe was roaming around next to the river. Just then a lion roared out loud. Scared by the lion’s roar, the doe jumped to go across the river. As she jumped hard, her baby fell into the river and started sinking. Jadabharat was overcome with pity and he rescued the baby deer and brought him to his hermitage and started tending to it. As time passed, Jadabharat became increasingly fond of the baby deer. As he was about to die, Jadabharat called his disciples and instructed them to take good care of the baby deer. Due to his attachment to the deer, he was born as a deer in his next lifetime. Everyone is given a birth based on the attachment of their mind in the present life.

It is a philosophical truth; that during the last moments of one’s life, one remembers that person with whom he is extremely attached and in his next lifetime takes birth close to the same loved one.

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