Are All Desires & Attachments Bad?

RMD-Are all desires & attachment bad-

In the previous post ” Action Without Attachment-Is It Possible”, we raised the following questions – Isn’t desiring God a desire too?  Is being attached to God not an attachment?  Why would we be rewarded for continuing to foster desire and attachment?  Why would we be rewarded for continuing to foster desire and attachment?

Because desire and attachment are not inherently wrong.  They are natural and unavoidable, as explained in previous article ” Action Without Attachment-Is It Possible”, . The critical point is where is our mind attached-Maya or, God?  By desiring maya, we foster mayic attachments, and this adds to the impurity of the mind, and multiplies our mayic bondage.  By desiring God and attaching our mind to Him, we create a connection with Him, which causes our mind to purify.  Thus, desiring and forming attachments is a natural process of the mind, and if this process is turned towards God, it becomes the means of joining our mind with God and purifying the mind.

If we attach our mind in the world, we will attain the world, which is not the form of true happiness, and will lead us to disappointment and stress. Attachment in the world leads to rebirth in the world, and attachment to God leads to the attainment of Divine bliss. The choice is ours.

This knlowledge – to attach your mind to God, instead of to the world – will allow you to perform actions without attachment to the outcome, as instructed by Shree Krishna.  The next question is that without attachment, how will we do our duty properly?  Will we not become uncaring and apathetic?  In such a state, how will we care for our children?  How will we be able to work?  These burning questions will be addressed in the next article – “Common Doubt Regarding Karm Yog”


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