Action Without Attachment-Is It Possible?

Action Without Attachment-Is It Possible

In the previous articles “The Secret Of Karm Yog – Part 1” & “Part 2”, while discussing the practical aspects of karm yog, I explained the difference between undertaking an action with a positive goal in mind, and undertaking an action with a personal attachment to the outcome.  The question thus arises: How can a person undertake an action without personal attachment to the outcome – that is only possible if the mind is attached in God.  Let us understand this aspect more.

Our mind seeks happiness –

Why is attachment of the mind in God necessary? Can the mind not be simply detached from the world? The reason is that the mind can never remain in a pending state because it is always actively seeking happiness.  Wherever it develops a hope of finding happiness, it becomes attached. Thus, the only way to stop forming attachments would be to stop desiring happiness.  Yet, it is impossible to stop desiring happiness, because that is the nature of every soul.  Every soul is an ansh of God (a part of God), who is Divine bliss, and it is the nature of an ansh to desire his anshi (the one to whom he belongs, or the one of whom he is a part).  Thus, it is the nature of every soul to desire God, since every soul is an ansh of God.  Just like water is drawn towards the sea, we are drawn towards God.  Then how could we stop desiring happiness?  It is against our very nature. Thus, as long as we are seeking happiness, we will continue to form attachments to the objects, people and attainments we believe will bring us happiness.  Then how could we undertake any action without attachment to the outcome?

Is Action Without Attachment Then Possible?

Yes. In order to perform karm yog, we must attach our mind in God.   Since it is unnatural to give up desiring happiness, we must change the field in which we seek that happiness.  In other words, we should desire happiness from God, instead of from the world.  Since there are only 3 eternal entities (God, maya and the souls), there are only 2 possible places for the souls to seek happiness – either in God, or in maya (the world).  If we choose to seek happiness from the world, then we will become attached in the world, and we would not be able to perform karm yog.  But if we choose to seek happiness in God, then we become attached to Him. To the extent we become attached to God, we become unattached from the world, and to the same extent we are able to perform actions as karm yog.

But, we are still attaching our mind to God. Is being attached to God not an attachment too?  Why would we be rewarded for continuing to foster desire and attachment? Get your answers to these questions in our next post “Are all desires & attachments bad?”

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